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  • "With a huge team, director[s] Mira Steinzor, [Christina Schnabel, and Rie Ito-Hiraka] awe with Segmented Sleep, a short that employs photo collage, time-lapse video and surrealist visuals to create something wonderfully twisted, upsetting and macabre."

    -Lucy Gellman, The Arts Paper

    Nasty Women Film Festival 2017

    Segmented Sleep will screen at the Nasty Women Film Festival in New Haven, Connecticut on Nov. 7th, 2017. This year NWNH is teaming up with Artspace's City-Wide Open Studios which is based on the theme of 'Fact vs Fiction'. All submission proceeds will benefit Planned Parenthood.


    Read an Article/Interview with Festival Curator Lucy McClure here.

    View the Festival Website here.

    Twisted Oyster Film Festival 2017

    Segmented Sleep has been selected as one of the 13 short films that will officially screen in the Twisted Oyster Film Festival in Chicago. This festival focuses on experimental and art films by female directors, and their theme for 2017 is "The Power of the Feminine."

    We are thrilled to be included in their programming. For more information, please visit the Official Festival Website here.


    three short films.


    Segmented Sleep is collaboration between three filmmakers: Christina Schnabel, Rie Ito-Hiraka, and Mira Steinzor. It is a series of three short films focused on femininity, various states of consciousness, and magical realism.


    The film draws inspiration from an eclectic variety of personal sources : 60s French pop music, the writings of Marguerite Duras, Lolita fashion, 80s punk rock, stop - motion animation films, and religious/cultural iconography from Guam, China, Japan, and Eastern Europe.


    Due to the highly collaborative nature of the project, filming was tailored to fit the shifting, organic course of the group's ideas over time. The three filmmakers shared equally demanding and fluid roles in the production process - directing, set design, editing, camera work, and sound design. The group enjoyed complete artistic freedom to develop their ideas and challenged themselves to be resourceful/creative with their materials, often fashioning props and set pieces by hand out of found objects, spending days transforming empty rooms into abstract, dream-like spaces.

  • Mira Steinzor

    Mira Steinzor is from Burlington, Vermont. She attended the BFA Film and Video Program at the City College of New York, where her thesis film The Sorceress won best technical production in their student award ceremony. She lives in Manhattan and works at City College in their MPS Branding + Communications Program, and as a freelance photographer/videographer.


    Mira’s favorite pastimes are shooting on medium format film, playing classical violin, and cooking. She is deeply inspired by the works of the cinematographer Christopher Doyle and stop-motion animation director Jan Svankmejer.

    Rie Ito-Hiraka

    Rie Ito-Hiraka is a freelance film/video editor originally from Japan. While having her long-cherished dream to be a filmmaker since 12 years old, she studied French Literature at the Gakusyuin University in Tokyo, where she was influenced by a French novelist, Marguerite Duras. In 2006, she moved to New York and studied filmmaking at the City College of New York where she directed the film “Naked Dolls” and won the award for Best Experimental Short.

    After graduating the school in 2011, she started her career as a video editor. In addition to working for corporate & promotional videos, she has started working on documentaries in 2013 and edited 19 episodes for a weekly 24-minutes documentary series for DaAi TV, the Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation's television station in Taiwan.

    She currently lives in Japan.

    Christina Schnabel

    Christina Schnabel has only ever really thrived surrounded by water. She was born and raised in Guam, living in a culture at odds between its matrilineal origins and its inescapable ties to American colonialism.


    Christina attended City College of New York and received a BFA in Film and Video.


    She still resides in NYC and works at Vimeo in Quality Assurance.


    She is in the annoying stages of a major breakthrough and believes that capitalism is inherently violent.